Tortoises and a Tower

Can we just talk about how much this is making me miss spending time with my Nana in Florida?! Are you trying to make me feel jealous?!

Kelly x

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Sunshine and Citrus. Tortoises and a Tower

One of the most remarkable places to visit in the Central Florida area is Bok Tower Gardens.  Rising above the surrounding countryside the Iron Mountain, as it is also known, presides over rolling acres of citrus orchards.

The drive towards the Gardens from the Scenic Highway is the best route to take, giving, as it does, a view of the Tower from as far away as Haines City.   As you draw closer to Lake Wales, you will pass the sign to ChaletSuzanne, a renowned hotel and restaurant, full of quirkiness.  Chalet Suzanne’s major claim to fame is the soup that was taken into space by the early astronauts . The Romaine Soup, now called the Moon soup, is still served in the restaurant

Chalet Suzanne Soups were selected by NASA and the crew of Apollo 15, thanks to friend…

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