Girls Night

When we came back to St Andrews this semester, my friends and I made a list of all the things we wanted to do in town before summer. It really is a beautiful place but we are guilty of visiting one or two of our favourite spots regularly rather than exploring like we did in those first few weeks.

We decided that we wanted to go to the theatre more and actually visit the museum we walk past all the time, among other things. But when I received a flyer at the Re-Freshers Fair about a pop up shop and exhibition for Valentine’s Day, we cleared our (not very busy) schedules and headed over there.
I couldn’t take pictures inside unfortunately but there was definitely some beautiful things! There were lots of hand crafted items, and information on how they were made in the exhibition. There may have even have been an item or two that I would love to have taken home with me but alas, I am still on a spending ban. Until the end of February. Ugh. But anyway, the shop…think delicate jewellery and intricate clutches and you’ll be on the right track.
Once you came back downstairs to the cafe, there was prosecco and elderflower jelly, which was exquisite and definitely might have to be tried when I’m back in a real kitchen.
It was served with a class of prosecco and, as you can see, definitely didn’t last long. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for too long as we had a second event to get to: the theatre. You may know that I occasionally review student plays for The Stand so get to see some pretty amazing performances at the Barron theatre, which is just round the corner from halls.
On this particular Friday, we saw Wolf Whistle which was written, directed and performed by students. It was excellent. There were four of us that went and we all agreed this was something special,which is a rare occurrence. My full review is up at the Stand now and if there is any St Andreans reading, I seriously suggest you try your utmost to get to their last showing tonight.
After the theatre, we met up with some guy friends and decided to try out a pub we have been eyeing up for the last few weeks. We were rather unlucky in our timing as the Criterion was full both times we tried so we had to fall back on old favourites where I got an introductory lesson and tasting on Scotch from the lovely staff. Don’t panic Mum, it just counts as trying something new ;).
There’s a slight chance we may have taken a trip to the 24hour vending machine a local bakery has recently installed, where we were slightly amazed by my friend’s mac and cheese.

Because the night couldn’t stay classy for ever,
Kelly x


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