St Andrew’s Food Fair

Last weekend, I dragged myself out of bed relatively early (it was a Sunday, after all) to head to a food fair. I signed up to the Fine Food Society emails at the Fresher’s Fair and so have been gradually getting more and more excited as they have sent each update so when the day finally arrived, I was super eager. So much, I actually went a second time when my friends finally got of bed and got their act together (and yes I’m talking to you here Rob).

The event itself was three pound entry but as soon as you went through the doors you were greeted with busy chatter, a load of displays and plenty of samples, which was a major selling point for me. I really enjoy events like this and think it’s a great way to try new things without the (sometimes) hefty price tag – I would probably have never have bought raspberry and balsamic vinegar in a store but getting the chance to try some commitment free was ideal.

There were loads of great companies from the St Andrews area and across Scotland. Obviously, I can’t list them all (and I was a bit too busy trying some amazing produce to take loads of photos) but there were a few that I might just be repurchasing some time soon…

(If I have actually managed to do something technical, the photos should take you to the relevant websites. I’m not promising anything though).

20140209_114013 (2)
I’ve already mentioned how much we love the brewpub in town so it was lovely to see familiar faces and products I already know are good!

I drink a lot of tea and am really into slightly less traditional flavours at the moment, which these guys stock a lot of. Plus I have a discount code for The Tea People staring at me….

I think this might be one of my first macaron and I loved it! Unfortunately, Mademoiselle Macaron is all the way in Edinburgh so might have to wait for me to visit.

Ok, I think Thistly Cross Cider might be made with magic. This stuff is good, really really good. Their elderflower cider is divine and I am currently trying to source some in St Andrews.

I also got the chance to pick up a couple of presents, be tempted by more foodie societies and do my bit for charity. The whole event was part of RAG week (Raising and Giving week for those of you not familiar with all the colloquial terms in the Bubble) and it was great to know that I was doing something good while enjoying my day as well. Made a good day better and all that. I also joined the raffle but was unfortunately left prizeless. I really could do with some more of that luck thing in my life right now.

But all in all, a brilliant day!
Kelly x

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