february recap.

photo (2)

This is how I woke up.

I think it might be the best picture I have ever taken. The bags under my eyes, the hair, the general frazzled appearance. Maybe you can guess that February hasn’t been the easiest month. After all the stress and complete lack of sleep, I am 110% ready for March.


I’m taking my motivation from this cake my friends Rob and Mark made. And it tastes real good too. See, cake does fix things.

What has been happening this month? Busy, yes, stressful, yes but there has been some not-so-bad moments too. I saw this great little list on Cider with Rosie and thought it would make for a great monthly catch up:

Eating: The happy cake. Probably a bit too much of it, if I’m honest.
Drinking: Coffee. By the gallon. This whole no sleep thing has its perks.
Loving: Nights in and hot tea.
Making: A mess. Poor Sam, keeping things tidy has been the last thing on my list at the moment.
Feeling Guilty For: Making a mess.
Wearing: My cosiest cardigans and jeans.
Reading: Some rather boring articles on Horace, some lovely blog posts and the latest edition of Glamour.
Craving: A holiday (though I think that might be apparent from my last post!)
Watching: Orange is the new black – this show is great! I’m only a couple of episodes in and I’m hooked already.
Debating: On what to do with my hair next. Blonder? Blonde blonde? Or back to a dark blonde?
Listening To: James Arthur. This in particular. I think the album might have to make its way off my Amazon wishlist and into my life very soon.
Looking Forward To: Going home for the weekend. Yep I’m going back again, this time for a ball which I’m very excited about. It’ll be good to be in Darlington for more than one night and to catch up with ‘my northern family’. Plus, I get to wear a pretty dress, which is not something I’m ever going to complain about.
Learning: To let things go.
Working: On two essays which I’ve hit a major wall in.
Enjoying: Walks on the beach and cups of London Fog when I need to clear my head.
Anticipating: The end of my spending ban!

How has your month been?

Kelly x


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