Hall Ball.

Last night was the Alice in Wonderland ball for my hall. For the last few days, people have been running around rather manically, planning outfits and transporting some crazy looking props around. All the windows have been covered so it was a surprise to see what it would look like.
The dining hall looked really good, decked out with loads of Wonderland references. It also provided the perfect opportunity for some photos!


There was also a pre-sesh, where some friends had put together an impressive music mix, with quotes from the old film and scenes projected on the ceiling, which looked really effective but didn’t exactly photograph well.

For me though, the highlight had to be the free bubble tea. I love bubble tea so it was a great surprise, especially since I wasn’t drinking.

Then it was time to head over to the Old Course Hotel, where the main event was. Inside the venue had been transformed into a magical Wonderland, complete with flamingos and playing cards galore.
There were even free cupcakes…
20140228_213622..And Irn-bru!

I had to leave early as I had to be up in the morning but managed to catch the live band and Caleigh before I left. Although I am still far too intimidated by caleighs, Sam seemed to love it. In fact, she’s planning on going to another one soon…I haven’t quite decided on whether to join her or not.

It was a formal event, so I chose one of my favourite red dresses and a love heart headband to nod to the Red Queen but the whole blonde hair thing did kind of make me look an Alice-Red Queen hybrid!


All in all a great night -well done Keziah and Elliot!

Kelly x


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