World Poetry Day.

This is such a wonderfully literature-y month! World Book Day and World Poetry Day in one month? Heaven.

I do seem to be drawn to prose more than poetry but I cannot deny the sheer beauty of it. I was trying to work out which poem I fancied sharing but struggled to decide on a favourite so I chose a slightly different route.

Since going to university, one of my favourite new activities has been poetry readings and slams and I love poetry in performance as a result. When trawling the internet, I came across this gem and I knew this was what I would offer to my lovely readers on World Poetry Day. There seems to be a whole collection of these for those of you who fall for this, which you probably will…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present a reading of Lord Byron’s She Walks in Beauty by Tom Hiddleston.. Isn’t his voice perfect for poetry?

From Pinterest.

From Pinterest.

His face isn’t too shabby either.

You’re welcome.

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “World Poetry Day.

  1. Hello I am passing from the A to Z to say hello. . . I am working my way through the list in a rather random fashion. Good Luck with the challenge. I have decided to do the A to Z of Aardvark nonsense poetry, because it seemed a good idea a the time. I like poetry but am the worlds worst poet. . . ..


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