The Importance of Puns.


On Friday night, I actually made it to an On the Rocks event. This one wasn’t hosted in a pub (sob!) but did promise food so I merrily skipped to the Fine Food and Dining Society’s Food Writing Workshop.

Well, tried to.

I did get a little lost. Ok, more than a little. In fact, I even walked into an empty church hall to be greeted with a lovely cleaner who had not even heard of the workshop. After a frantic call to a friend who managed to google directions and relay them to me, I found the right place and wasn’t even that late.

Food one

I was greeted with some exceptionally yummy vegan ice cream from Genevieve of Gratitude and Greens, which admittedly didn’t last very long. Throughout the course of the evening, we also got to taste some amazing canapes from the panel and committee alike. I have to apologise here as I was too busy stuffing my face to take photos of everything or remember who made what! There were delicious offerings from Phoebe of Chez French, Caterina of Amore e Sapore and Maria of Happy Belly, which I was veeeeery happy about.

Food 3

When I finally get access to a kitchen, I’m going to try and recreate some of the beauties on offer, although I’m sure they will be nowhere near as good.

The food was not the main show however. The real purpose of the night was a good old fashioned discussion about the ins and outs of blogging. Food blogging is something I definitely have an interest in so it was great to hear about how such talented ladies have managed it. We discussed everything from photography tips to whether or not blog names should be puntastic.

Food 2

I have a fair few notes and sites that I need to check out over the next few days. One of my favourite parts of blogging is getting to speak to other people about how they do it and exchange the little tips you inevitably collect along the way so I truly loved the night.

Kelly x


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