An Apology


I’m sorry.

I really haven’t treated you very well at all have I? My poor skin. You’ve been through late nights, heavy makeup and not the best diet in the world (I blame the university lifestyle). When you finally give up, the harsh treatments and moaning begins and I kinda hate you for those damn spots that always emerge when I have to face the world (or rather let the world see my face). 

It’s no surprise you react the way you do. Getting all sensitive and reacting to all the moisturisers I buy. 

But I’m going to try to be nice. 

Simple, soft products. Little makeup. Drinking more water. Actually sleeping (ok that one will be hard). Maybe then we can get on a little better. Lose some of the volatility perhaps? If you really felt like being nice, you get just avoid the whole bringing home the wrinkles thing? 

Kelly x

If you have any skincare tips or products, please let me know below!



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