For those of you that don’t know me (or didn’t see me skipping around), it was my birthday on Thursday. Unfortunately for me, I had a full day of classes so didn’t think the day would be particularly relaxing. I had already had a small gathering with my academic family so was perfectly prepared to treat the day like any other.

1And then I woke up to a knock on the door and a delivery of smoked salmon and cava from a friend, who remembered that I think it is the birthday breakfast of champions.

And then I opened a birthday care package from my folks, which was full to the brim of goodies.

And then I found this inside that little box and squealed. Genuinely squealed.


I mean, wouldn’t you?! Dawn O’Porter is one of my favourite people ever and I was seriously gutted to find out she would be coming to the North East pretty much as soon as I clambered onto the train back to Scotland so this was ah-maz-ing.

Not a bad birthday at all.

Fast forward through lectures and tutorials and I got to spend my evening at the Valedictory Dinner at hall.


So not only did I get lots of lovely presents from my friends and family AND Cava AND the beauty above, I got to spend a night celebrating with everyone in John Burnet? Definitely ranks among ‘best birthdays ever’ (Although the singing was definitely NOT necessary).

20140424_184553(Also unnecessary but my friends are adorable!)

Thank you to all the lovely St Andreans for a lovely birthday (I hope you enjoyed it too Deirdre!)

Kelly x

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