Exciting things

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed there have been a few changes at Northern Roots in the last few weeks. I’m useless at technology (ask Mark, who spends most of his life fixing the printer for me) so it has taken me a while but I *think* I may have just about sorted it all out.

So voila! What do you think of her? She’s so pretty! (But I’m a little biased).

Essentially, we went from this…

northern roots bannerwhich I loved. My cousin made it for me a while ago, but I was in the mood for change and so we have this instead…

PicMonkey Collage

This is also the image on my new business cards, which is even more exciting, if that is possible!

A few weeks ago, this little package arrived for me

unnamed (2)

After merrily skipping upstairs, still revelling in my new found maturity, I opened it up to see these babies

After searching through Moo’s website, I decided I wanted to try something a little different so chose their minicards, which show my header and some basic contact info on the other side.

unnamed (1)Hopefully, I can now stop scrawling my URL on any piece of paper I can find in  my bag when people ask for it.

I’ve also had a little update of my social media pages so make sure you check them out! For those of you that don’t follow me, first of all, why not?! Once you have suitably scolded yourself, click on the below links and fix it!

Kelly x

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