19 (Part 2)

I know it was only last week that I wrote a post about my birthday but it was so exciting I just couldn’t contain myself. My birthday celebrations were actually into four parts. Which may have resulted in quite a lot of this…

edinburgh1But you won’t hear any complaints from me. Fizz may have been my Lenten kryptonite, but it is very yummy  kryptonite.

On the Saturday after my birthday, Sam and I dragged ourselves from our beds in the wee hours of the morning (ok it was 8.30 but it was a weekend!) to go to Edinburgh, where we were meeting my parents for the day.

I’m pretty guilty of forgetting about all the beautiful places on my doorstep in Scotland so it was nice to emerge from my room. For those of you that have never done it, the train journey from Leuchars to Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful I have ever been on. For once I didn’t have a book with me so actually took a look at the real world and it was surprisingly pleasant.

Once we met with my folks, the first suggestion  was to go for coffee – any guesses where I get that habit from – and exchange gifts. It was my mum’s birthday so I made her go first and I think (read that: hope) she liked her presents. And then my parents surprised me with my amazing new camera!


Isn’t it purdy?!

Of course, I then took a lot of photos and pressed every button I could find, which meant that there are about six different photos of each cup of coffee/ slice of cake/ random object I set my lens on.

I then handed it over to the actual photography genius in our family who knew what he was doing and snapped this:


If you can’t tell from that grin, this was snapped just after opening my pressies!

After a brief wander around the city, it was time lunch so we headed over to Jamie’s , which is a bit of a staple in my family. Of course, I had the burger (trust me its divine) and of course was way too distracted by its yumminess to snap a pic. But trust me, it was reaaaaally good. There are loads of their restaurants up and down the UK and after visiting a fair few, I would highly recommend.

While taking a moment to recover from my food coma, I checked my phone to discover I had a text from my friend April,  to tell me she was en route to see us.


It has been a forever since we have seen each other so it was a lovely twist to the day! She used to live just outside of Edinburgh so took us to the loveliest place for cocktails and a catch up!


I had a pear and strawberry mojito, which was lovely! My dad was more impressed with the old video games and bikes in the bar but his attention span has never been brilliant.

The hours quickly sped by until we were unfortunately running out of time. I had one last thing on my to-do list so we headed over to Curious  for tea and cake. I’ve heard a lot about this place and so was very excited to give it a try. It is Alice in Wonderland themed and has the most amazing decor, like this upside down chair!

DSCN0034It was nice but did seem a little over-priced but that may have been a result of its inner-city location.

Unfortunately, this was our last stop as we had trains to catch. We said our goodbyes and headed in our opposite directions. It was sad, but it is now less than a month until I’m home for good. Well, summer, but you catch my drift.

Thanks mom and dad!

Kelly x



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