#bloggersdoitbetter: brights vs neutrals

Does anyone else find themselves binge watching shows? Please don’t say it is just me. I do it all the time , especially when I’m studying as I feel that revising without any background activity at all is soul-destroying.

What it does mean is that I end up feeling very envious of characters wardrobes and daydreaming that I also had a costume designer to carefully choreograph what I wear each and every day. (While we are  at it, can we throw hair and make-up into this mix?!). Alas, I am a student and can only build such a collection in my mind.

What this also means is that when it came round to writing the next #bloggersdoitbetter post, I couldn’t get two of my favourite characters out of my mind. Who says that TV shows can’t act as fashion inspiration?


From Pinterest.

From Pinterest.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

jess 3

Jess has one of the most colourful wardrobes and I love it. Plus, it does feed my love for tea dresses and prints so this one probably isn’t that much of a surprise to those who know me. I might even be able to channel my inner Miss Day from my own wardrobe, which could be a relief to my bank balance. I wish I could say that the awkwardness I would also channel would be an act but we all know that would be a lie.


From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Anyone who has watched Gossip Girl must have experienced some serious wardrobe envy at some point in the show. Although Serena could probably fall under the bright category too, it is her more boho take on neutrals that I love.  The middle dress? Lush.

These outfits would be practical for Scotland right?

Question time: would you rather wear brights or neutrals? Who is your TV style inspiration?

Kelly x


4 thoughts on “#bloggersdoitbetter: brights vs neutrals

  1. I was going to say it would be impossible to choose between the two shows, but I flipping adore Zooey’s style as Jess. I want her entire wardrobe now!

    love Rach (justrach.com) xo


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