April 2014

April 2013

April was a very busy month! Plenty of birthdays, deadlines and easter eggs…

Eating: Birthday cake…so much birthday cake
Drinking: Cold water and fresh lemon
Loving: Finishing my coursework for the year (yippee!)
Making:  Revision notes
Feeling Guilty For:  Sleeping later than I probably should
Wearing: Flip-flops…Long story involving some pretty horrible injuries to my toes and an inability to wear anything but flip-flops and ugg boots for a few days.
Reading: Course notes…but trying to avoid all the rather tempting books I was given for my birthday
Craving: A dishwasher; anyone else hate the washing up? 
Watching: Tarzan. Had a bit of a disney marathon the other day. Loved it. 
Debating: What to do next?
Listening To: Not a lot actually. Time to buy some new music perhaps?
Looking Forward To: The end of exams.(This hasn’t changed but they are still the bane of my existence)
Learning: That there is a limit to how many plates I can spin and that free time is not the end of the world. 
Working: On finding balance. Exams are really making me question my priorities. I either need to buy a time turner or stop trying to spread myself so thin.
Enjoying: Being in control of my own timetable now classes are (pretty much) done.
Anticipating: Bet you can guess this one. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with E….

How did April treat you?


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