London Photo Diary Part 2

Now the last time I left you , I believe we were heading off to Oxford Street for a spot of shopping. Surprise theatre tickets meant I really needed a new dress. Unfortunately our tardiness meant we only had time for one shop so settled on the humongous Primark before racing across London to pick up our tickets!

A night at the theatreWe found ourselves with about twenty minutes to eat, get dressed and plonk ourselves down in our seats so headed to the closest Pret (which seem to be on every corner in London) for a quick sandwich and to change in their bathrooms (we’re classy, we know) before racing back to the theatre just in time for the show to start. We were seeing Fatal Attraction, a thriller which was starring Kristin Davis, of Sex and the City fame.

Obviously we couldn’t take any photos inside but I can tell you now that it was a great night! Going to the theatre might be one of my favourite ways to spend an evening; its a shame I can’t do it that often.

M and m

On our way back we couldn’t resist calling into M and M world and posing with all the figurines. (I’m not exaggerating, I have way too many photos to prove it).

m&m 1m&m2m&m3m&m4But can you blame us? There were plenty of photo opportunities to tempt us throughout the store.

From there, it was a quick trip to Soho to treat Rob to some real Chinese dumplings – he’s pretty obsessed. I had never had them before and proceeded to embarrass everybody with my inability to work chopsticks. After making a mess, I decided it would be safer to stick to teasoho

A girl can never go wrong with tea!


Kelly x

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