London Photo Diary Part 3.

camden 1


Camden 2

Camden 3

It’s no secret that I love Camden. I always try and call in whenever I’m in London so I couldn’t wait to take Rob there. He loved it but after taking a little too long on our leisurely breakfast we had no choice but to cut our trip short if we were going to make our train. I could (and have) spent many a happy hour trawling through the markets here.

Camden 4


Camden 5

Camden 6

Unfortunately saying goodbye to London also meant saying goodbye to this beautiful face.

Camden 7

Sometimes living in Scotland while your best friend lives in London sucks. I guess I’ll just have to come visit again soon.

You may have noticed this post is a little shorter than usual but I am right in the middle of my first year exams which means most of my time has been spent surrounded by notes and timelines and more texts than you can fathom.I had my first exam yesterday; it was english, so not the worst it could be but still not the nicest way to spend an afternoon! The two I have left are the two I’m probably the most concerned with just because there is so much to remember! Any motivation or luck you want to send would be much appreciated….

Kelly x


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