Tour Guide.

St Andrews

I almost forgot about these photos, sitting lonely in their own little ‘to blog’ folder on my laptop.

You may remember that earlier this month my nana popped over from the states for a couple of weeks while she sorted some things out in the UK. You may also remember that she came to St Andrews for a couple of those days and that we had a lovely meal at the Adamson, which I blogged about almost immediately because I was so darn excited about the loveliness we had eaten. But what I didn’t tell you was about the little tour I gave in order to show off the gems the town has. As an ambassador, I have to give tours to prospective students which was incredibly daunting at first but does mean that I have some knowledge of the university’s history that I knew my nana would enjoy. Obviously, St Andrews is a beautiful place and over 600 years, the university has collected quite a colourful history that not everyone knows about. It’s full of traditions, some weirder than others, and amazing figures that have all had their own influence.

After sharing those nuggets of knowledge, we decided to venture slightly further afield and head to the harbour. Being close to the sea was a major ‘pro’ for St Andrews when I was trying to make my mind up about where I wanted to go to university and it’s probably my go-to place now. On the not-so-great days at university, this is where I hid out. I was that crazy lady huddled on a bench by the beach, wishing she had worn a warmer coat and reading Oscar Wilde.

DSCN0401St AndrewsDSCN0272


I’m also living near here next year so we went to spy out my (future) house. I can’t wait to move in, although the prospect of being really independent is slightly daunting. Even though I technically moved out last September, hall is small and friendly enough that you’re not actually by yourself. And we had the loveliest wardens in case anything actually went wrong… It’s almost as if I’m a *gulp* adult…

St AndrewsSt Andrews


My house seemed to get both parental and grand-parental approval and my momma has promised to teach me to cook so there is no going back now.

More importantly how cute are these two??

After walking back into town, it was time for coffee before we headed out for dinner. Craving a London Fog (oh how I miss these already!), I shuffled my tour group to one of my favourite coffee shops in town for just that!



Although it was a flying visit, I thoroughly enjoyed having my family in town. Saying goodbye was hard, as always. I do love my little pocket nana and am already wanting to see her again! Perhaps a trip to Florida is in order…She really is one of the most inspiring women I know. She is an incredibly strong, determined and caring woman – a combination you don’t find very often. Oh and did I mention that she is beautiful too?St Andrews

Kelly x


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