May 2014

MAY 2014


This month was primarily spent in sports halls and libraries sitting exams so the list is a little shorter!

Eating: Actual fruit and vegetables now I’m home. Before that, far too much chocolate in the midst of exam stress.
Drinking: Pimms. 
Loving: Freedom from exams and being back in the north
Wearing: My new taking on the world shoes or flip flops which probably won’t leave my feet all summer. 
Reading: The School for Good and EvilThe Three, Casual Vacancy, Goose, Maya Angelou… I’ve been on a bit of a literary kick at the moment. 
Craving: Fresh strawberries. This list is starting to sound terribly British, isn’t it? 
Watching: I went to see Bad Neighbours before I left St Andrews. A tad crude perhaps but the perfect post-exam comic treat.
Listening To:  This. On repeat. 
Looking Forward To: South West Blog Social and finally meeting Jodie 
Enjoying: The freedom of summer.


3 thoughts on “May 2014

  1. You have such a great blog! I love this song thanks for sharing, I’ll defiantly have it on repeat now haha! I found you through the FBL facebook page! Im now following you through bloglovin 🙂
    Have a great day!
    Sofia x


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