Exploring London – Tate Modern

If you have been following me on social media, you may have realised that I extended my stay in London  as I was lucky enough to intern at Woman and Home for the week. Not only did my commute offer views like this:

london 1it was in a fairly central location which meant that I got to spend my lunch breaks playing the tourist. I decided to pop to the Tate Modern and although I didn’t  have much time, I managed to catch a couple of the exhibitions.

Tate 4 tate modern 1 Tate2 tate3 Tate5 Tate6 tate7 Tate8 Tate9Although I don’t know much about modern art and there were some pieces I didn’t ‘get’  but I do still enjoy art galleries and it was a lovely way to spend a lunch break. I haven’t been to the Tate Modern in years when my dad and I spent our time ‘posing intellectually’ while mum actually took in the art and tried to explain it. I’m sure she would be pleased to know that I actually paid some attention to what I was seeing.

Besides, when the viewing platforms offer photo opportunities like this, I’m sold.



Kelly xx

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