Exploring London – Borough Market

Once I got off the bus at London Bridge it was just a short walk to my office for the week while I was on work experience. Every morning I would walk past Borough Market as it would begin to wake up  and every evening, I would hurry past as it was bursting at the seams with people enjoying a drink and bite to eat after a day at the office.

Borough Market

After a few days of this, I decided enough was enough and dashed over on my lunch break to see if it lived up to my memories of it from a canny few years ago.


I don’t know if you have ever been to Borough Market but it is the kind of place that demands your attention. Every sense is alert. You take in the  chatter and laughter while vendors call out even as you try to decipher the many smells that envelop you the second you enter. You are greeted with a plethora of colours even as you weave between the fancy suits of those taking a break for the day, families handing out dishes to hungry children and tourists clicking away in awe of what they see through their lenses. This is the category I most definitely fell under.


I should probably add a fourth category: couples. I was amazed by the number of dates underway in a food market on a Thursday lunchtime. I guess the clichés about food and romance are true, or at least in this part of London.

Borough MArket

Borough Market

Borough Market

Since this was me however, I was far more interested in the  selection of delectable goodies in front of me and took my time wandering around the stalls on offer, practically drooling over some of the things in front of me. I could spend a lot of time (and money) at Borough Market but was on a tight schedule so had to dash far too quickly. I fell into my seat just as my lunch break ended, looking every bit the tourist with my camera around my neck. I was, however, pleasantly stuffed from the (many) samples I had enjoyed  and the lunch I had managed to scoff on my way back.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Things like this seriously make me consider relocating…


Have you ever been to Borough Market? What did you think?

Kelly x

3 thoughts on “Exploring London – Borough Market

  1. I love it, we try to go every time we visit to stock up on goodies to bring home,especially all the interesting veggies that don’t seem to make it up north! x


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