It’s time to tell you about one of my favourite places in this town: Vesuvio. This lovely wine bar is a regular haunt for my family and I so it was understandably our first choice to celebrate Fi finishing her exams.

VesuvioThat’s the face of freedom ladies and gentlemen. Or too much wine. Either way, she’s a stunner and I love her.

Vesuvio4 Vesuvio2The wine bar itself has a very relaxed feel, meaning it is way too easy to spend a couple of hours in here. Plus they really know their wine in here. Of course, we opted for red and settled in for the night.

Vesuvio 1

And trust me, it was goooood .

We were out with some very good friends who I haven’t seen in forever so it was lovely to have a catch up and find out what I had missed while I was in Scotland.

However a night out with Fi is never complete without selfies and a mini photo shoot and after catching her in mid-pout


I got out my big-girl camera and joined in. Although I still haven’t fully worked out my camera, I’m 100% in love with it.






I think these ones are keepers!  I love nothing more than looking over photos from evenings that were a lot of fun; it’s lovely remembering how happy you were in that moment!


Vesuvio10All too soon, it was time to call it a night.

After a busy couple of weeks, a chilled night with friends that are practically family was just what I needed.

Can you see why I love Vesuvio so much yet?! #

Kelly x




2 thoughts on “Vesuvio.

  1. That place looks so lovely and relaxed, just my kind of place. I’m a North East girl so would love to know where it is in our lovely region 🙂

    Gems x


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