Between the picturesque nature of St Andrews and the urban wonder of London, it can be easy to forget how beautiful your own part of the world is.


DSCN0756Saltburn is just around the corner (a slight exaggeration, perhaps) and one of my favourite places in the area so when Becky asked for company on an evening dog walk, I didn’t hesitate.

Finally getting to be back on a beach? Fish and chips? This face?

DSCN0767I was sold.

Evie is one of the sweetest and most playful pups I know so it was a delight to watch her run around and have a good doggy-hug after so long apart.


DSCN0761Getting her to sit still for a photo is a challenge though and requires a carefully orchestrated ballet of distract and click.


DSCN0784But if you manage to grab one, she’s real purdy.

DSCN0796Even with sand all over her face.

This looks like a lovely normal walk right?

Well it was.

Until we found the playground. Then we stopped acting our respective ages and became children again. It’s funny how an empty playground has that effect.



DSCN0829I guess that’s one of the many joys of being back on your own turf.

Kelly x



2 thoughts on “Saltburn

  1. I used to live just up the road in Redcar….hehehe
    We used to go for days out to Saltburn…..Had so much fun jumping off the pier when the tide was in…..Wouldn’t dare do it now. lol


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