Sutton Trust.

DSCN1056I’ve just got back from a very fun, very tiring week in St Andrews, working at the Sutton Trust Summer School. Some of you may be able to cast your minds back to way-back-when to a 16/17 year old (and very nervous) Kelly heading up to St Andrews to spend a week trying out subjects and trying to ease some of the confusion I was feeling about all things university.

The first time round...The first time round…

Going to the Sutton Trust was probably the best thing I could have done because it was a chance for me to actually learn to do all the boring stuff (writing a personal statement, applying for finance etc etc) and try out what subjects I wanted to pay £9000 for. Funnily enough, I actually changed what I was planning of doing because of that one week in lectures. At the time, I was planning on doing English and History but after just three hours in Classics sessions, I decided to study it for my first year and am currently debating whether to formally change my degree to English and Classical Studies rather than to solely study English in my honours years.

Ceilidh 2012

Ceilidh 2012

So what’s changed in two years?

Well, I’m actually at St Andrews, I’m even more in love with it and this time, I got to share some of that enthusiasm with potential students. Oh and there is way less sleep as a mentor. Why oh why can’t 16 year olds go to sleep at 9pm, or ideally even earlier?!

Ceilidh 2014

Ceilidh 2014

But do you know what? I think I loved this time even more, even if participation in the talent show is compulsory as a mentor. It was such a great week that I was genuinely upset to have to leave, an opinion I still hold now that a couple of lie-ins have remedied the zombie face and brain.

Until next year Sutton Trust,

Kelly x


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