Olive and Bean.

I’m from a family of foodies, which means that days out are often structured around trying out all the new places my mum has heard recommendations about. Obviously, there are far worse hobbies to be a part of so when my parents suggested a day out to Newcastle to try Olive and Bean and do some shopping, I was quick to agree.

Olive and BeanWe arrived just in time to try their breakfast menu, where settled on a smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagel, which was absolutely delicious.

For me!

For me!

While my mum settled on french toast with maple syrup and fresh fruit, which was also very tasty (I might have snuck a bite while she wasn’t looking).

For mum!

For mum!

Dad decided on poached eggs on toast but guarded it rather more vigilantly than Mum so I can only give you his verdict: a big thumbs up!

For Dad!

For Dad!

The cafe itself has a very relaxed feel, with uber friendly staff and good coffee. Pair that with delicious food and I was sold. Oh and did I mention the impressive display of cakes I’m determined to try next time?!

Olive and Bean

Not bad at all.

Olive and Bean

A tea lover's dream!

A tea lover’s dream!

I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m back again and can report on the rest of their menu and baked goodies.

Have any of you ever been? If so, what did you think?

Kelly x

4 thoughts on “Olive and Bean.

  1. I had a really awful experience in there earlier in the year, when they made a massive blunder. the staff were all so lovely and very apologetic but it’s so far put me off going back which is such a shame because I hear so many good things and your food looks lovely! Maybe one day I can forgive and forget 🙂 x


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