A tale of stupidity and new opportunities.

When I was deciding what to put in storage for the summer and what to do bring home with me, I messed up big time. You see, in a fit of idiocy, probably caused by diminishing space in my bags, I decided that I only needed one nail varnish for three whole months.

Genius move, Kelly. Really.

After finding one more that had accidentally got left behind in the big move, I decided it was time to add to my collection before I got bored of that one colour. Admittedly, it is my favourite China Glaze one but there can be too much of a good thing.

ColouristiqAfter a little bit of shopping, my summer collection now looks like this. Not bad eh?

What makes it even better is the fact that I actually only paid £3  for them. You heard me. £3. Here’s how:

ColuristiqA recent trip to Poundland  revealed these beauties among some less-than-appealing shades. I may have had to dig around a little but I think we can all agree I found some gems.

I don’t often talk about all things beauty, and even rarer to mention my nails on the blog (primarily because no one wants to see the shaky work on my right hand) but a quick coat of polish helps me feel a bit more put together and that is never a bad thing in my books. My all-time favourite has to be a classic red or french manicure. Saying that, I’m currently wearing that very bright and bold yellow colour which a few months ago I would never have put near my nails. I guess times are a changing.


Since I’m just starting to venture out of my comfort zone nail wise (my resolution was to try new things after all), I don’t really want to spend that much on new polishes. Which is why I was so excited to hear about Coloristiq, a service which allows you to ‘rent’ nail polishes for a month, rather like LoveFilm does with movies. It means I can try new colours and styles without paying for a full bottle, some of which can be quite expensive.

This means that you will see some more nail and beauty posts on this blog because I can now announce that I am a Coloristiq ambassador!

Exciting, huh?

Kelly x


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