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I’ve mentioned to a couple of people that I’m on ‘upside down’ days at the moment, a term which has been met with some confusion. But with my current work hours, my days don’t really start until the early evening when I don my apron and tray for the night.

Since I don’t have lectures and classes, my mornings are spent sleeping, baking, reading and writing but I figured I would give you a little more insight into a typical day.


DSCN1227Mornings are a little later now but start with tea and Instagram all the same.




DSCN1229Before getting some things ready for posting and answering some exciting emails (which should lead to some new opportunities for this little place – fingers crossed). Oh and maybe watching an episode of V because we all know that I have a weakness for sci-fi.




DSCN1235 I actually got dressed *gasps* before settling down to some Chaucer. Sometimes English degrees aren’t just skipping merrily through fields and sometimes that sucks.




Article writing. Think scrawling ideas on post its and typing, then deleting, then typing again. Then picture me realising that I forgot to take a photo.


DSCN1245I’ve been using a temporary phone while the nice people at EE were fixing mine and it was driving me crazy. Yes I could hang up in an overly dramatic closing of the phone like I was in a sitcom but do you know how long it takes to send a text? I finally got the call to do a swap so headed into town to get rid of this brick.


DSCN1246Oh it feels good to have a phone with working camera, ipod and social media!



A much needed coffee before a 6pm start.

Not shown: the hours of plate carrying and glass polishing or the blisters on my feet.

Isn’t my life glamorous?!



4 thoughts on “#bloggersdoitbetter: lifestyle

  1. I can relate to your 2pm activity 😉 Congrats on your Samsung phone! I know what it’s like to have an outdated and useless phone. I recently splurged on an older version of the iPhone and it’s the best thing I could have done 🙂 You look very lovely in your last picture.


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