Hardwick Hall

National TrustOn Sunday,  I woke up to find out that I had a surprise day off – a rare occurrence at the moment. My parents have a habit of disappearing to go exploring on the weekends so I accepted their invitation, despite being completely exhausted (four hours sleep on top of a very busy week will do that to a girl).

They took me to Hardwick Hall, a beautiful country house not too far from where we live. I have a little bit of a soft spots for country houses, probably because they feed my images of grandeur and allow me to fully imagine myself as lady of the house. I mean a manor house for a first home? Yes please. Just imagine the library!

Hardwick Hall

What I wasn’t expecting was to be completely and utterly in awe of the gardens. Anyone who knows me knows that nature and I hardly have an amorous relationship – I went to explore these highly muddy gardens in flip flops and a pale sun dress. But my god, they were beautiful.

Hardwick Hall

Hardwick HallI didn’t even complain about walking up the hills (barely inclines) to see some of the buildings up there.

Hardwick Hall

Even better than the gardens were the sculptures hidden throughout them.

Hardwick HallI think they were diary excerpts from the old owners but they were endlessly fascinating. Maybe it was the literature nerd in me but I could have spent hours absorbing every last detail but fatigue and hunger did take their toll eventually.

Hardwick HallThis one was my absolute favourite. I don’t know if you can make it out but it actually says ‘I could not love him more’, though the last two words have been worn away over the years leaving only the message ‘I could not love’. It seemed to be both telling and tragically poetic.

But like I said, literature nerd.

DSCN1309After being dragged away from my preferred structure, we headed into the cafe for a bite to eat. I decided to keep it simple with a sausage sandwich and it was goood… So good that afterwards, the only option left to me was to nap all the way home.

I’m working on that functioning-adult thing, I promise.

Kelly x



2 thoughts on “Hardwick Hall

  1. That bench 😿 It seems so sad! But actually when you know what it should say it is terribly romantic! It’s amazing how a word or two can drastically change a sentence!
    Rebecca xxx


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