THINGS TO DO: Croft Vintage Rally

Croft Vintage Rally

My folks took me to the vintage rally at Croft on Sunday. I’ve made no secret for my love of olden gems (see here and here) and my mum has a weakness for vehicles of most varieties, be that bikes, cars or tractors so really it was the perfect family day out.


Even though I can’t drive (and can’t really see that changing in the immediate future), I love vintage cars. Mum wanted to hear all about the engines and how they drive and their speeds and all that technical mumbo-jumbo but I was happy enough to admire how pretty they are.

Croft Vintage rally

My favourites are beetles or minis but after looking up close, I think it is pretty clear I need something that is a little more giant friendly.

Croft Vintage Rally

After soothing my disappointment with chips and gravy (this place is called Northern Roots for a reason), I headed off to take a look at some of the stalls. Although I was very close to leaving with a very beautiful dress from Kitty Franks vintage, I reined in my inner shopaholic for the moment.

Well, sort of.

I did leave with some beautiful vintage cards from Gingerwick Vintage.

Croft Vintage Rally

I’m a little bit in love with them and I am thinking of putting them up on my bedroom wall above my desk as the blank wall is getting a little bit depressing.

Once I’d done my shopping, we went to watch a couple of the races and there’s a slight chance I had a little nap. It seemed fun but I have to admit that I could only watch the first few laps of each race before my attention span cut out and I wandered away. The cars may be pretty but watching them drive around in circles about ten times? No thanks.

Despite that, I have to say that I thoroughly loved my day at the rally. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to be googling which vintage cars have the best height.

Kelly x


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