Ready for September?

It’s now officially a week until results day and if that wasn’t terrifying enough, for some people they’ll also be finding out where they’ll be spending the next few years of their life. I know university isn’t for everybody but it was my dream for quite a few years before I even took a look at the thousands of prospectuses that came through my letterbox. So trust me when I say that the night before I opened that envelope I was a wreck. I checked my UCAS application every hour or so from midnight because someone told me some people got their results from then and the later you left it, the more likely it was to crash on you (neither of which are true). When I finally got them, I screamed and then re-read it 6 times before I showed it to my mum, who promptly joined her scream to my own in a peculiar symphony that probably terrified our neighbours.

Ready for September

But having survived the most stressful day of my life, I feel I should probably impart all this worldly wisdom on heading to university that I’ve somehow gained. In the interests of full disclosure before I impart my ‘wisdom’, I should probably tell you that I did headplant a cupboard a few days ago.

  • Don’t try and talk yourself in or out of something. I was 110% convinced that I hadn’t made my first choice and would be heading to Glasgow at the start of September. Finding out I was going to St Andrews was a brilliant surprise but I had left myself completely and utterly unprepared to move to a seaside town in two weeks.
  • First choice isn’t the be all and end all. Although I was lucky enough to end up in a university I knew I loved, some people have to face Clearing. It sounds terrifying but it’s not actually that bad. My best friend went through it, got into London and had an absolutely brilliant year. It was probably better suited to her than anything else. She’s now heading off to another university which I’m sure she’ll love just as much. Oh and it’s not just in case you don’t quite make the grades – one of my friends almost went through it because they exceeded their offer.
  • This isn’t just a big day for you. It may be your future but this stuff matters to your friends and family as well. I can remember that it drove me batty the way in which my parents kept asking every ten seconds whether I had found out yet or not but I think they were probably just as nervous as me! On a similar note, try and be sensitive to those around you: you may be ready to celebrate but some people may not have done as well as they hoped.

Last but not least, I really do wish every single one of you waiting for results good luck and remember that there is a crazy blogger rooting for you!

Kelly x

Kelly x



3 thoughts on “Ready for September?

  1. I never went to uni & got to experience this excitement. I never really thought I would end up there, sitting in classrooms/lectures would have bored me. I don’t regret my decision but it is so nice to see people embracing uni because it’s EXACTLY what they want to do 🙂
    Good luck with everything!
    Rebecca xxx


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