As I’m writing this I’m sat in my pajamas eating cereal at twelve because I didn’t get up until half eleven. I’m living the glamorous life folks and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Sometimes I do start my day when the clock indicates it is a morning but at the moment it usually involves a lot of this:

clervaux 1So when Mum forced me out of bed at an unreasonable time to go to the dentist no less, I wasn’t best impressed. Especially since those pesky wisdom teeth mean my mouth is a little tender at the moment. My distress was only eased when I was promised breakfast afterwards because really, what self respecting student turns down a free breakfast?!

Since our usual haunt wasn’t open at such an ungodly hour on a weekday, we headed to Clervaux, a local cafe which I hadn’t had the luck  to try before.

Ravenous, I settled on the full english before becoming very intimidated by the sheer amount of food delivered to me.


I tried my best but couldn’t quite finish it all! It was reaaal good though. So good actually that I noticed parts of it kept disappearing from my plate and reappearing on my mother’s fork.  Strange that…

In the interest of fairness I had to try hers of course. She went for the Black Pudding Brunch which was really rather yummy.


It was served on black pudding bread which was lush even though I don’t actually like black pudding.

Clervaux itself is the cutest little cafe, serving locally sourced food and working with the Clervaux Trust to help young people gain experience in the culinary world. You can read more about that here if you fancy.

clervaux 2

DSCN1569They also sell an impressive selection of breads to take away and despite being stuffed to the gunnels, we couldn’t resist picking up a bread roll or two for our dinner before heading to our respective workplaces for the day.

Kelly x


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