Umbrellas and Wellies.

And completely forgetting to pack either of them before heading off for a day at the lakes…

Umbrellas and Wellies

And when it is raining this much, they are probably a necessity. I suppose I should be happy that I at least left my beloved flip flops at home for once.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

On Sunday morning, I found myself woken up by a fresh cup of tea at 7am, a time I haven’t seen all summer. The reason for this shocking turn of events? Hold on to your hate people, because I had agreed to travel in my parents’ beloved camper van to the countryside while my mum took part in an open water swimming event at Coniston.

Umbrellas and wellies

When we arrived, the rain and wind seemed to get worse by the minute and eventually they had to call off the race because the lake was getting so choppy that it was too dangerous. Considering the height of the river, it wasn’t really a surprise. However my mum is a little bit crazy so decided to go for a quick dip in the slightly calmer cove.

Umbrellas and Wellies

After seeing them off, Dad, Tim and I decided to pop into a cafe for shelter and a quick photography session. For those of you that don’t know, my dad is a very talented landscape photographer and it amazes me the photos he can take, even with my little camera.

DSCN1635He really does just have an eye for what makes an interesting photo!

Umbrellas and Wellies

After getting thoroughly soaked, we decided it was time for fish and chips (and a warm cup of tea) before heading home.

Not too shabby a day at all.

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