THINGS TO DO: The Head of Steam

The last time I left you, we were enjoying our cocktails at Ebony on my last weekend in the North East. Well after that we dragged my poor father into a few shops to pick up some essential items (otherwise known as really pretty dresses). It’s not really his cup of tea at all so we quickly decided to head back to an environment he was far more comfortable with: the pub.

This time we decided to try Head of Steam, which is partnered with one of our favourite pubs in Newcastle, the Cluny. We started with cider, of course and while it wasn’t quite the stuff we get back in Wiltshire but it was still pretty darn good.

Head of Steam


While Dad decided to carry on with the pints, I moved back to cocktails, starting this time with a Hello Sailor, a lovely rum and raspberry concoction.

Head of Steam

While Mum settled on an Italian limonata, which is described on their menu as ‘lemonade for grown-ups’.


After even more selfies, we decided to order a tad more food. We settled on a sharing plate with a side of cajun fries, which was a brilliant decision.

Head of Steam

Just take another look at that and tell me it doesn’t look delicious! 
Head of Steam

I’m sorry if you’re feeling hungry already but I’m going to have to zoom in on the homemade scotch egg and pulled pork slider because they were amazing.

head of steam head of steam

If you’re in the area, I would wholeheartedly recommend popping in just for the food!

Head of Steam

Or you know for the cocktails because we went straight back to them. We chose a gin teapot this time but unfortunately may have overestimated how much I like gin… I usually don’t mind it in cocktails but it was really rather strong. Poor momma, had to take one for the team and drink most of it.

I just liked how cute it was!

Kelly x



9 thoughts on “THINGS TO DO: The Head of Steam

  1. Wow how nice does Head of Steam look! I would never consider popping in for lunch but it’s definitely been added to my list now – the cocktails look fabulous too! Thanks for linking up with #LoveNorthEast


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