THINGS TO DO: The Night Market

night marketSince I’ve been tantalising the tastebuds of everyone in the north east recently, I thought I’d give everyone in Fife a treat too by introducing them to the Night Market. However I did make it to the penultimate event so if these photos tempt you into attendance, you’ll need to act fairly quickly.  The next Night Market will be held on the 24th September at Balgove Market but you can find more information here.

DSCN1776Held in the Steak Barn at Balgove Larder, the Night Market is well a market filled with stalls from local businesses. While you are wandering around, you can snack on some of the hot food available or enjoy a drink while local music is performed for you there and then. While we were there, we were serenaded by Wire&Wool, a delightfully eclectic band that fitted well with the relaxed feel to the evening. Their energetic performance meant that they were a little difficult to photograph however.


Since I could be here all day talking about the event, I thought I would share some of my favourite stalls with you instead.

The night market

the night marketWhispers of the Past is a gift shop based in Perth selling a mixture of vintage, new and just plain cute items. Although I have yet to be inside their physical shop, I imagine it is the kind of place where I could lose many hours browsing and chatting to the delightfully friendly staff.

Night Market

night marketOk, this one was one of Sam’s favourites but she seemed fascinated by their home brewing kits. From what I can gather, they offer a range of flavours and strengths (Sam mentioned something about pale and dark?)which is indicated by the animals on the box. You can bet they’re what I paid the most attention to.

The Night market

the night marketAnother beer company! But one I am slightly more knowledgeable about luckily. The Eden Brewery is based in St Andrews so I am more familiar with it (not least because their bottles are forever in our kitchen). They’re also about to release a gin which I can’t wait to try!

The night market

the night marketCocktail-making kits delivered straight to your door? Yes please. Launching very very soon, Tipple Box describes itself as a cocktail revolution and certainly looks exciting. Though then again, I am much better at drinking cocktails than I am at making them… Did I tell you about the time I smashed a cocktail shaker the first time I used it?

The night market

the night marketAnd now onto Balgove Larder itself. As I mentioned earlier, there was hot food available on the evening but we tried to avoid that since we had dinner plans in a couple of hours. But those scotch eggs broke my resolve and I had no choice but to try one. And let me tell you, they were goooooood.

Massive and full of the most delicious sausage meat ever, all my cares disappeared as I attempted to take a bite.

Night Market

And with that beautiful picture, I’ll say goodbye!

Kelly x




3 thoughts on “THINGS TO DO: The Night Market

  1. I love that pillow of the bare tree and owls in the first picture! Also, loving the inside packaging to the brewery box, looks like country-ish and homey at the same time. I just ate and the plate of cheese is making hungry again! What was the scotch eggs?


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