April & Alexi

By now you are sure to have heard about April, my extremely free spirited best friend. Yep, she’s the one who gave me pink hair and who has just got back from inter-railing in Europe. She’s also the most creative of my friends so when I mentioned that I wanted to snap some photos with my beautiful new necklace from Alexi Accessories*, I knew she would have some ideas.


What I wasn’t expecting was for her recommendation to be exploring Castle Sands. I’m hardly the adventurous type and if you haven’t already guessed from that photo, I have terrible balance which isn’t helped by rocks, or any surface at all to be fair.


And when she told me to explore, I just got confused. Eventually she managed to coax me on top of a rock (after an almost tantrum and a couple of exclamations about this not passing a risk assessment).

The first few photos basically just capture the complete feeling of fear and my general awkwardness but we did eventually get a couple of shots that show the necklace off good and proper. Oh and a couple that show just how tough April’s job was.


I’m seriously pulling faces in every other shot she took. But it made for a very fun afternoon so I’m not complaining. Plus some of them are downright hilarious but will not be seeing the light of day any time soon. I’m talking to you Miss Trunchball impression…

But on to the actual necklace. I’m a massive fan of delicate silver jewellry and don’t tend to wear much else (apart from the occasional statement necklace) so when Alexi Accessories offered to send me one of their beautiful necklaces, my eyes were instantly drawn to this tiny silver number that I have yet to take off.


Alexi Accessories are a relatively new company, stocking some stunning pieces. They also have another three ranges coming in in the next few months so you really should keep an eye on their website and social media for news. I know I will be! I’ve got my on the Brooke collection at the moment.


If you want to pick up your own piece, click here and take a look!

Kelly x


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