The Beach House

I have finally  got my new room at university just how I like it – yes, mum it has taken me this long. In my defence, the first few weeks have been a blur of new jobs, opening classes and lots and lots of lovely reunions so unpacking the essentials was my priority. Oh and then I lost my white tack for a week so my walls stayed terribly bare.

But I was determined to get it just how I wanted it. I like to make my home away from home extra homely and well, me so that I don’t find myself missing my other bedroom quite so much.

DSCN2107Thankfully, my bunting is once again in pride of place and my postcards are back. I also put up all the notes April sent me when she was travelling so that I can pretend to be such a glamorous and well travelled student.

DSCN2080I’ve also added loads of photos of my family and friends back home to try and keep the homesickness at bay. Oh and that kimono? One of many that have recently found their way into my collection. I think it may be classified as an addiction now people. Send help.

DSCN2098Out of shot is the hundreds of notes on Old English that I’m currently drowning in. My desk is rarely a tidy place.


The finishing touches to my new room? These lovely magnets from PicStick*.  A lot of the photos in my room are a few years old now so I was looking at ways to print some of my newer shots but didn’t necessarily just want some more prints.

The magnets come in sheets of nine and make for the cutest way to display photos! Considering their dinky-ness I was worried the quality might not be great but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I have most of mine up in my bedroom but even smuggled a couple into the kitchen, where they are serving a slightly more practical use.

DSCN2093If you fancy picking up some magnets for yourself or maybe a uni student feeling a little low, the people of Picstick have been kind enough to offer my readers 25% off! Simply enter the code GAL25 at the checkout and voila! you can get these beauties for even cheaper.

Don’t say I’m not good to you,

Kelly x

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