September 2014


Eating: A LOT of garlic. Now that I am cooking for myself, it seems to be sneaking it’s way into most of my meals. Luckily, my housemates seem to have fallen under the same spell so we can avoid social interaction together.
Enjoying: Cooking, actually. Who would have thought that this culinary inept girl would enjoy throwing things in a pan and seeing what happens? Maybe I am my mother’s daughter after all. 
Loving: Having my own house. Halls was lovely but there is something extra special about coming home and slobbing out in your own place. Even if you have to deal with broken ovens all by yourself.
Wearing: Kimonos. All day, every day, if I can
Reading: 19th Century Novels of Adultery. Uni life, people, it’s downright scandalous.
Craving: Chips and Gravy. 
Watching: All of the Star Wars movies with my housemates. Apparently, it is a sin not to have seen them. 
Looking Forward To: Halloween and Raisin – any excuse for a themed party!

Loving: Writing this post and being mentioned in this one!

How has ‘back to school’ been for you?

Kelly x




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