You know how I was talking about how I’m really organised and have my life together? I think I might have jinxed myself. This week I got locked out of my university account for a couple of hours because I had missed the cutoff for changing my password. Luckily, it wasn’t the end of the world and the lovely people at IT managed to get me back in just in time for me to continue hitting my head off a brick wall as an essay deadline approaches.

I also missed October 3rd and I’ve been stressing all night wondering if you guys coped without another Mean Girls meme all over social media. Did you manage?


The one I was really gutted about missing was National Poetry Day, which was on Thursday. I loved last year’s post but this year I was drowning in an Old English poetry essay which meant that it completely slipped my mind. I only remembered when I had to share some poetry for a photo challenge I’m currently taking part in on Instagram.

Of course, I chose Maya Angelou, who I fell in love with over summer. I feel like I’ve only really started to appreciate poetry in recent years. I love it for its simplicity and its complexity. For the thousands of meanings that hang on every word. For the raw emotion that can be packed into a few lines.

I also hate it for its obscurity. I hate it for its confusing nature.

I hate it for frustrating and exciting me at the same time.

There’s a funny old love affair going on here guys and I don’t see it getting simpler any time soon.

Are you a lover or hater when it comes to poetry?

Kelly x

One thought on “Deadlines.

  1. I love some poetry… Shakespeare sonnets, Walter de la mare , Keats etc, but some of the more modern prose poetry leaves me cold. I haven,t read any of maya Angelou, but the extract shown in your blog looks beautiful emotionally.


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