Hello Autumn.

How’s it going?

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Click through for original source.

It’s been a while since I opened my curtains to wind howling and rain dancing on my windows. The leaves are finally turning. My super cosy jumpers have started to come into play.

I’ve missed you while you were gone. There is something about the hours I spend under blankets and with hot mugs of tea that makes me anxious for your arrival every year. The summer is too hot for a girl this pale and winter too dangerous for someone as uncoordinated as me but you’re just right. Just enough bite in the air to ensure I grab a scarf before I leave but not so much that I dig to the back of my wardrobe for thermals.

It’s the perfect kind of season for a bookworm like me. You softly encourage us to tuck ourselves under our duvets with a well worn book and a pot of tea, causing a soft smile to hit my cheeks as I listen to the storm rage outside.

Welcome back Autumn. I sure hope you stay a while.

Kelly x

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