Good for the soul.

Here’s the facts they don’t tell you kiddos: nights out are good for you. Spending time with your friends, dancing like an idiot and laughing until your sides hurt? It’s cheaper than therapy.

DSCN2429After a hellish couple of weeks of deadlines, my housemates and I decided we needed a night away from the books. Tempted in by the promise of a DJ playing throwback music until the early hours, we headed to the Vic. I recently started working there, as some of you may know, and after seeing hundreds of delicious meals being delivered to tables, I’ve been craving their burgers. Luckily, it didn’t take much to convince everyone to go to dinner first.

Now let me tell you something, these burgers are good.


Like really good. But they pale in comparison to the wedges.

DSCN2420Even if you only go in for the wedges, you’ll be satisfied I promise.

Of course after food, we headed back to cocktails. But don’t panic Momma, it was just for research, I promise. The best two were definitely the Raspberry and Elderflower Collins and The Gentleman’s Measure.



The Gentleman’s Measure probably wins by a margin, just because I love the way it is served.

DSCN2409 Perfect for a tea lover!

Not long after this, my camera went away so I could bring out my terrible dad dancing before we headed home.  Trust me, that is not something you want to see.

Kelly x


3 thoughts on “Good for the soul.

  1. Oh, your dancing couldn’t had been THAT bad! Lol

    I’m glad you had a fun time out with your friends. I need out soon, but sadly I don’t have very many friends that live around me and the ones I do have, well they don’t like to get out as much. So I’m stuck inside, but it’s okay sometimes you have great TV shows and movies on at the same time. 🙂


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