I love this  little seaside town. It’s home, and a beautiful one at that.

But it’s small, sometimes unbearably so. All I want to do is head out of town and see some more of Scotland but I’m boring, and a planner and perpetually only using a provisional driving license so I very rarely give in to the voice that craves adventures.

unnamed (3)This weekend, however, Sam’s parents were in town before heading off on holiday. When they suggested jumping in the car and driving until we found something we wanted to see, I leapt at the chance and had my seat belt buckled before they knew it.

unnamed (6)Fife really is a beautiful place and on our adventure we saw golf courses with stunning sea views, teeny-tiny seaside towns and even a drag race.

unnamed (5)We had no destination in mind, no schedule or plan but we had a full tank and an open road and that ladies and gentlemen, made for an amazing day.

From battling winds of 29mph and searching through small town pubs for a carvery, Sunday was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Every now and then, there is nothing more freeing than spending a day without a to do list and a diary.


The problem is that I’ve caught the bug. I want adventures readers and I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until I get them.

Kelly x

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