October 2014


Eating: My speciality – throwing things together and seeing what happens.
Drinking: The best coffee in town.

Loving: Being on top of work.

Making:  Halloween decorations. It’s sooooo close!
Wearing: As many layers as possible.
Reading: Cicero,Donne and Buzzfeed. Oh the life of a student.
Craving: Adventure
Watching: David Tennant as the Doctor.
Listening To: Musicals.
Looking Forward To: Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
Learning: That I’ll never be too old to ring my folks when I break something/ don’t know how to use something/ miss them reminding to stay warm and eat my vegetables.
Enjoying: Spending an extra couple of minutes cocooned in my duvet on a morning.

How was your month? x

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