Halloween 2014.

This has been my favourite Halloween in a long, long time, even though it was a little belated. Because I was working on the Friday and everyone was throwing their own events on All Hallows’ Eve itself, we pushed our own gathering back until the Saturday night. I also have to take this moment to tip my hat to my housemates who pulled the whole thing together while I tried to get through a pretty hectic week.

DSCN2515I think it’ safe to say they did a pretty good job and I’m pretty proud of the fact that they managed to uphold our stellar party-throwing reputation all by themselves.

foodFrom an entire table laden with deliciously spooky food to the decorations, they really managed to transform our little beach house into the Addams family manor for the night.


We bullied a couple of friends into assigned costumes so that we could make up the hosting family for the night. Unfortunately, our Uncle Fester got stranded in the Bermuda Triangle and Gomez was a little late because he was playing cleaner after Wednesday got loose in the town but on the whole, I’d say we pulled it off.

familyWhat do you think?!


We even made ‘Thing’ with a glove and flour, who was the finishing touch to our decorations/ guestlist.

After food and a movie, we played  my new favourite game : werewolf. Basically, there are secret werewolves amongst your group who will try to kill people before they’re caught. SO. MUCH. FUN. GUYS.

unnamed (1)

Then again, I was in my element as Morticia all night long. I might be super happy to finally be back to my natural blonde but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss the dark side from time to time. Now I just need to work out when I can next crack out the wig…

I wasn’t the only one who got into character. Our guests dug around in their wardrobes for black, lace and corsets to create some brilliantly gothic looks. And they really took to our melodramatic-PDA-only rule in honour of the brilliant Morticia and Gomez.


How was your Halloween guys?


Delightfully creepy, I hope.

Kelly x

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