impress nails

Dressing as Morticia for Halloween was a lot of fun. The dark hair, the vintage choker, the dramatic lace maxi. I was almost in heaven until I realised that my nails were so short that there was no way I could pull of blood red talons.

Impress nailsLuckily for me, I had recently been sent some false nails from imPRESS* which were perfect. I had actually been saving them for halloween because I knew they would be ideal.

You see I’m kind of obsessed with false nails. I very rarely keep my nails long enough for dramatic looks so love the freedom of attaching falsies for the weekend and pretending I live a glamorous life that help keep my nails looking lovely every day. These were particularly easy to use. You simply peel off the backing, attach them to your nails and enjoy!

My only criticism is that they’re a double edged sword. Not needing glue means that they are very easy and clean to use (it takes seconds to be good to go) but if one falls off, you can’t just top up your adhesive and be good to go again. Considering their ease and speed though, I think I can overlook that.

Impress nails

Besides, they look pretty damn good even if I say so myself.

To sweeten the deal even more, imPRESS nails are only £5.99 at Superdrug at the moment.

Not bad, huh?

Kelly x

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