For the love of vintage

On my way home for our halloween party, I couldn’t resist calling into Younger Hall for the Vintage Collective fair. Unfortunately for you guys, such a spontaneous decision to ‘pop in’ meant I didn’t have my big girl camera and could only snap away on my barely working phone…Sorry!


You see I’m kind of in love with anything vintage. There is something about items with a story to tell that makes my heart race. Glamorous dresses from evenings out, shoes you can just see strutting down the street and paintings that adorned living room walls…

vintage 3Since I was both in a rush and trying to save a few pennies, I mostly stuck to window shopping as The Other Guys performed for shoppers and, though I was tempted many a time, I did quite well at not spending everything in my purse.

vintageHowever I seem to have a weak spot for jewellery and couldn’t resist picking up a beautiful black choker to finish off my Morticia costume. It was a need, not a want guys….

unnamed (1)


Are you a vintage fan?

Kelly x


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