7 ways to avoid your essay.

I have an imminent deadline. As in tomorrow. I can practically feel my fellow students nodding in sympathy.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s deadline season here in St Andrews and students bubble wide are going crazy. We’re glued to our desks, some of us are locked in the library and you can bet that we’re rocking sweatpants as if they were the latest trend to rock the fashion world.

10 ways to avoid your essay

But don’t forget about the rest of the world dear students. Some things are far more important than referencing…

  1. Get baking. Because it’s reaaaaally necessary for a healthy house, trust me. Set aside the textbooks and whip up a Victoria Sponge and your housemates will love you. Besides, who doesn’t love pretending to be Mary Berry.
  2. Try out a new look. Dig out the clothes you never wear and finally try to copy the Youtube gurus’ perfect eyeliner. It’s called power dressing.
  3. Get musical. Pick up that guitar that has been sat in your room for all time. Now is the perfect time to learn how to play Wonderwall so you can endlessly impress people at parties.
  4. Write a book. It is NaNoWriMo after all! Didn’t you know that Great Expectations was penned in procrastination?!*
  5. Zumba! It’s good for your health or something. This one is totally interchangeable too…you can try and avoid the gym by dealing with another pressing concern on the list.
  6. Get cooking! Now is the perfect time to try and cook a 3 course meal. The more complicated, the better. And they always say that a healthy diet is good for your grades! Throw some peas in there and you’ll be even closer to a first.
  7. Rearrange your entire room. Ok, I might be guilty of this one but your productivity will go through the roof as soon as you perfect your bookshelves. If your deadline is super-close, you might want to read some books on Feng Shui while you’re at it.

You can thank me later!

Kelly x

P.S I can’t actually guarantee that these things are more important than your essay, especially if that essay is actually a dissertation but everyone needs a little procrastination inspiration from time to time.

*Probably not true but I wish it was.

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