A little motivation from Sports Shoes

Disclaimer: I am not a sporty person. Like at all. Despite the fact that both of my parents see running as a fun hobby and are completely at home in the countryside, they’ve raised a bookworm who is far more comfortable on the couch than the treadmill.

But the truth is that freshers fifteen is real and my body is enough of a patchwork thanks to an old operation that I really should be a little nicer to it. So when I moved minutes from the gym, I signed myself up.


I have been fairly good about going a couple of times a week but have definitely found my motivation waning now the nights are getting colder (and darker). So when the lovely folks at Sports Shoes offered to send me some supplies*, I jumped at the chance. I’ve heard time and time again that there is nothing more motivating than some new workout gear but I’ve been wearing the same old shirt and short combos since I signed my name on the dotted line.

Since I do primarily use the treadmill and exercise bike, I headed to the running section of their website and was astounded by the choices available to me. They had everything from socks to gym bags and several adorable shirts that were far more inspiring than my hand me downs.


I chose two pairs of 3/4 length trousers and a some lovely new tanks and tees to try and make my gym visits a little less depressing. So far its working! While I was there I also picked up a new water bottle to replace my rather battered plastic one from Sainsbury’s. Not only is it a lot prettier, it is also far less likely to leak all over Paradise Lost and Catiline’s War so I’m one over for sure.


I’ve already mentioned that I love the way my new gymwear looks but they’re also brilliantly practical. They’re comfortable, and I don’t find myself fussing with them when I should be focusing on what’s in front of me.


To top it all off, the whole process from filling my basket to get my delivery to my door was so quick and easy that I barely had to wait between choosing and heading to the gym, this time with a lot more enthusiasm than usual. Sports Shoes wooed me with their extensive collection but I stayed for the simple shopping experience, a necessity for an exercise phobe like myself.


Will you be trying Sports Shoes any time soon?

Kelly x

*I was sent these items to review but all opinions are my own.


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