THINGS TO EAT: Gorgeous.

After queing for an hour and a half and still not managing to get tickets to an event we REALLY wanted to go to, Sam and I decided to eat away our troubles. It had been an early morning (especially for Sam who rarely emerges before 12 unless she absolutely has to ) and we needed consoling.

The solution? Breakfast.

DSCN2601And not just a couple of slices of toast or a measly bowl of muesli. Oh no. Sam went for the ‘Big Breakfast’ while I had a sausage sandwich and the biggest pot of tea they could muster. Unfortunately we guzzled it before I had a chance to pick up my camera…

DSCN2611Trivial as it may sound, a cafe can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be a returning customer if the provide a mahoosive pot of tea with a refill. Even if my teeny tiny bladder can’t cope, I will happily work my way through the 6 or so cups that you get. It helped with the ticket disappointment too, I can promise you.

To find this, we knew we had to head to Gorgeous, the cutest little cafe in the centre of town. I love it because of its tea and its vintage decor.

DSCN2608They’re also one of the few places to sell Sam’s favourite sandwiches just the way she likes it, so we tend to come here a lot for a quick lunch in between classes. They also stock some of the nicest cakes and baked goods in town, which is a winner in my book.

Plus, with a name like Gorgeous, it fulfils my need for cuteness…And it helped us forget the ticket fiasco!

Have you tried Gorgeous?


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