Elisabeth May and The James Whale Fund

Last weekend, I picked up my camera and my purse to join the lovely ladies at Elisabeth May in their fundraising efforts.

elizabeth mayNow I’ve made no secret of my love for Elisabeth May and am always popping in to take a look at what’s new in store so I needed barely any convincing to come and say hello. When the prospect of prosecco, a good old chinwag AND doing my bit for charity was added to the equation, I was abandoning my revision far quicker than I should have.

Elisabeth May

As always the store was full of beautiful products and I was more than happy to browse around and snap away.

Elisabeth MayThere were plenty of items to tempt my money from my purse but since some of them would be for christmas presents, my lips are sealed and the photos hidden.

But I wasn’t just there to shop so I purchased my raffle tickets and put my spare change in the donation pot. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything but I’m sure those that did would be more than happy with the prizes. A number of local shops and restaurants had donated some fabulous prizes.

Elisabeth May

I have since found out that Elisabeth May managed to raise £517 over the weekend, a fantastic sum!

Elisabeth May

I’m glad I could do my little bit to help and I know I’ll be back in soon enough, though next time I expect that my purse will be a little lighter and my shopping bags a little heavier.

Elisabeth May


Until then, I’ll be dreaming of these beauty and how perfect it would be for New Year’s….

Kelly x

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