Little Birds Market

After shopping with Elisabeth May and then filling myself up with Thanksgiving goodness at a friend’s, I headed back into town on the Sunday to stock up on some more Christmas presents. I’m trying to get as many as possible from smaller or local businesses this year. Not only does it make the gifts feel slightly more personal but it is also nice to think that I am supporting others over the festive period.

Little Birds Market

I’ve been trying to get to the Little Birds Markets for a while now as they are a monthly occurrence here in St Andrews but of course I had to leave it until the last one for 2014 to dash in. Unfortunately, I only managed to make it with twenty minutes to spare and my haste has resulted in few salvageable photos. I can promise however that it was far more beautiful and extensive than the few images I can tempt you with today.

Little Birds Market

The Vic was packed full of stalls, which were laden with homemade crafts, decor and delectable edible treats! Some of those wonders will be sitting under the trees of my family and friends come Christmas morning…

Little Birds MarketPerhaps because they were all smaller businesses, all of the stall holders were delightfully passionate about the things they were selling. I always find this makes shopping all the more fun and enjoy chatting away with people about the things they cared about.

Little Birds MarketThere were even students there who were selling homemade bath goodies from their start-up company, who I was more than happy to support. They smelled delicious too!

If you fancy popping along to the next Little Birds Market, you might have to wait a little while but I hear that they will be returning in the new year. Nothing has been confirmed yet but if you follow them on social media (just search ‘littlebirdsmarket’ on facebook), I’m sure they will tell us soon. I for one will be eagerly awaiting.

Kelly x



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