Adventure pt 1.

If you couldn’t tell from recent activity on my blog, my best friend and housemate recently turned 20. Being the wannabe party planner and procrastinator that I am, I planned a three day birthday bonanza for her. Since I am also a theme lover, I went with ‘adventure’, a theme which gave me a lot of room to let my imagination run wild…But more on that later.

AdventureWith exams coming up, we had to leave plenty of revision time in between so we didn’t actually kick things off until late afternoon on the Thursday, Sam’s actual birthday.

Sam is one of the kindest (and well loved) people I know so I really wanted to tell her that but I’m not really one for speeches and she’s not really one for being the centre of attention…

 So I filled our entire living room with a little timeline of Sam’s life and asked her family and friends to send in messages for her too! (Sorry for the blurry shot but it perfectly captures my excitement and her reaction).

DSCN3011Even after a slight printing issue and a last minute presentation of all the images I’d been sent, I had a fair old collection to decorate with. For those of you that sent one in, thank you so so so much. Sam absolutely loved it. (And don’t worry if you can’t see yours on the wall, I made sure she got them all!)


After present opening, bucks fizz and red velvet cake, we started preparing dinner. The birthday girl had requested Chinese food so our resident chef, Sarah, put her culinary genius into practice to create a feast of dumplings and chow mien. I tried to help but was soon shooed from the kitchen after revealing my inability to fold dumpling wrappers. Instead I set to work making the table look adequately pretty, complete with individual portions of soy sauce in shot glasses, though they were definitely not to be drunk.

adventureAfter stuffing our faces, we chatted away for a few hours, did some animal impressions, posed for the camera and then headed to bed in preparation for Day 2 of the celebrations which promised to be a big one…

Kelly x



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