Family Festivities.

We had family in town over the festive period and Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones (and pigs in blankets), so I switched off for a few days. My phone was rarely checked, this little bog took a couple of days off and R&R was at the top of my to do list. I even read books simply because they looked like fun. It was heaven.

Family festivities

I kept my camera on me and managed to gather a couple of snaps from my Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

family festivities

Unfortunately, I had to work on Christmas Eve which, though not the greatest news to hear, did end up being a lot of fun. I brought out my Christmas Jumper for the day and did my best to bring a little festive cheer.

Festive FamiliesI ate too much, slept a little late and barely wore makeup.  After the stress of December exams, it felt so good to only focus on family for a little while. And I’m definitely not going to complain about the beautiful feast we were offered on Christmas Day. I ate my body weight in pigs in blankets and macarons that day, let me tell you.

family festivitiesJust what the doctor ordered.

How was your Christmas?

Kelly x


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